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Enjoy Your Resurrection

He is risen!
Happy Easter to all the faithful of the Western Church. The 27th of April will come soon enough for our Eastern brothers and sisters. An interesting past week or so. Mikhail Gorbachev is (has been) a Christian, the Obama/Wright controversy, the pastor I grew up under died, and today I read of a prominent(non-practicing)Muslim convert to Catholicism and baptized by Benedict XVI. Religion still matters. Christ still matters. The message of Creation, Fall, Redemption, and Resolution still resonates and changes lives.
God is good and Jesus is Risen! What else needs to be said. You who suffer or mourn, you are not alone. You who burn with lust or murderous desires, there is one whose hand is not too weak to help. You who inflate yourselves with pride and intellect, there is still wonder in the world. Beauty, Goodness, and Truth have found a locus in the author of those concepts. He has put on human dress and he will not be stopped by our stupidity, ignorance, …

The Omega Legend

Will Smith's quietly intense performance in I Am Legend is what clinched this movie for me. Based on Richard Matheson's novel, this story has had two previous filmic incarnations in a Vincent Price version from the 50's (never saw it) to Charleton Heston's histrionic 70's zombie flick The Omega Man. I'm sure you know the gist: scientist creates cancer-killing virus that mutates (hence violating the precautionary principle) and kills 90% of the world's population. Will Smith's character, Neville, is, of course, immune. He survives three years later, alone in NYC with his dog trying to synthesize a cure. Meanwhile, most of the survivors have become zombie-like beings who burn in sunlight and seem to have a taste for any and all flesh.
The movie gets the action sequences right, and even the slower stuff works, but the slower paced portions also help you to question the gaping plot maws that exist. 1) How is Neville powering his apartment and lab and g…

The Water Horse

Saw this Friday with the family. A few intense scenes for the four-year-old (nothing he won't be permanently scarred by), but otherwise good family fodder. Friendship, fatherhood, and a freakishly large creature. Oh, that and wonderful trilling Scottish Rrrrrrrrrrs.

Addendum: Thanks to Kazilar the jackass. I can't believe you have nothing better to do than screw with this lousy blog. Is your life that small that you enlarge it by screwing with things on the internet? Find a hole, please and don't come out until you've become a grown-up.

Help with Sustainability

. . . So I'm taking this class, "Making Modern Science," and sigh, I have to write a research paper. I hate writing these things. I think I'd rather watch 24 hours of Full House reruns--maybe. Anyway, my topic is The History of Sustainable Agriculture, yes, sure, big surprise. I have some sources already--anyone know of any other sources I might check? All two of you dear readers? Let me know.