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Another Publishing Triumph

...for a so-so book.
Thanks again to the Englewood Review of Books.

Worth Quoting

From Jeremy S. Begbie:
The three days of Easter do not tell us that the world's pain and agony are required for God to achieve his purposes (still less for God to be God), or that sin is a requisite part of the harmonious fabric of things, part of the world's chiaroscuro.  God does not bargain with evil but shatters its power, overthrowing the principalities and powers; evil is a wholly contingent intrusion, an irrational interruption of original goodness....  By the same token we ought to be wary of schemes of salvation that suggest the divine strategy is, so to speak, primarily to balance things out (as in strictly retributive views of atonement and eschatological justice).  The world is not so much balanced as reconciled, and reconciled with a God of infinite excess. Through the three days of Easter, evil, sin and death are defeated by a love that does not simply "match" what has been hurled at it from rebellious creatures, but infinitely exceeds anything and ever…

As the Kididdles Say: RT!

Christ is risen from the dead!  Trampling down death by death!  And to those in the tombs He has given new life!

P.S. The Easter Bunny is delicious!

The actual "Silent Night"

Until Sunday morning, that is.

The End of the Beginning

It's my last Maundy Thursday (at least from this vantage point in time) as a Protestant.  Thank you, Evangelicalism for my upbringing.  Now it's time for something more....

Have a blessed Triduum, friends, no matter where you find yourselves.