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What did they have that we don't?

I finished Frederica Mathewes-Green's The Illumined Heart while camping and have to say for such a small book it packs a mighty big punch. While it is coming from her Orthodox milieu, the practices she unpacks would apply to any Christian serious about strengthening their relationship with Christ. She compares early Christians and their outlook and reaction with, well, us. In a motherly way, Mathewes-Green shows how wussy we are--well, at least me. Prayer, fasting (the Orthodox way), repentance, she covers the basics that are so easily overlooked. Tolle, lege, really!
Khouria, you make me want to head to Constantinople now!


Dang! I missed it by one hour and 15 minutes. I meant to post this on the one year anniversary of this humble blog. I was too busy playing Age of Mythology when I should be packing for our camping trip to PA. Ah well, for my five readers--thanks. I hope my small words have helped you in some minor way in your journey to where ever it is you may be heading. My goal for year two? To have seven readers.

BTW--I finished N.T. Wright's Evil and the Justice of God--not bad at all. I liked David Hart's The Gates of the Sea better, but Wright has an excellent section on how forgiveness disarms evil in a way that nothing else can. It looks weak, but it's tougher than Hell. A short, but instructive read.

New Light writing tool

I ordered my Canon Rebel two days before I found out I was to be laid off. I debated whether to cancel the order, but said screw it, I've saved up for this camera, we can afford it. So the camera was delivered three weeks ago, two weeks ago I was called back to work in the fall, and I'm happy I stuck with the purchase. Here are a few examples of the new tool's product.

Technology will save us!

Two films I've seen recently reflect on this theme: a soteriology of technology you could call it. Iron Man is an entertaining movie with a minor plot problem. As I saw it, the shrapnel in Tony Stark's heart was either already in his heart or his tissue is incredibly soft. For when the electromagnetic reactor that prevents the shrapnel from killing him is removed, Tony is nearly incapacitated immediately. Too, too quick to be believable. Anyway, back to the theme--Stark, a weapons manufacturer repents of his mercenary ways, but wants to use more technology to stop what his previous technology was doing. Kind of like fighting fire with petroleum jelly to butcher a David Bowie song.

The other film, Wall-E, deals with this theme in a much more serious way. I'll not go on about the movie because others, more articulate than I can point out other interesting tidbits for you (see Crunchy Cons review, for one fine example). By the way, the film was wonderful--visually extr…

Redford immigrant makes good

This article appeared in the 26 June 2008 edition of the Observer and Eccentric paper.
The writer conflated a quote of mine with the pastor in the fourth paragraph. She also didn't use my "Anti-Christ turf monster:" appellation of our eight acres of grass. For a laugh at the expense of a crazy person read the comment after the article.