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When asked "what is your greatest fear?" most people respond with concrete fears: snakes, rats, heights, closed spaces, clowns, etc.  Not me, sure being high in the air with little to no protection causes interesting physiological reactions in me, but really that isn't what truly shakes me.  What I'm afraid of is cowardice.  I'm afraid that in some extreme situation, which most people don't experience anyway, I'll respond in some George Costanza-like manner, panic and run.
     Courage is a virtue, after all.  Not only for Christians, but for the ancient Pagans as well.  Courage is acting in spite of the fear that might make one weep, cringe, collapse, or run.  Courage is accepting martyrdom, running into a burning building, standing for the right in the midst of relativism.
      I suppose I have been tested a few times in this.  In high school I stood up to a bully hassling a girl (granted the bully was a girl too, but one else in the c…

Worth Quoting

Cooking is one of the most important health consequences of buying food from local farmers; for one thing, when you cook at home you seldom find yourself reaching for the ethoxylated diglycerides or high-fructose corn syrup.                                                                      --Michael Pollan from In Defense of Food