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On Father's Day

Father's Day has almost always been weird or even non-existent for me.  The short form of my story is I was born from a date rape encounter.  Most of my life has been without a father.  Early on, my maternal grandfather was a loving male presence in my life, but only twice a year as he and my grandmother lived way up north on Manitoulin Island in Ontario, Canada.  He also died when I was twelve or thirteen, right when a boy truly needs some male guidance.  I had a step-father for five or six years, but he was at best friendly, and at worst abusive.  So, I've muddled through many Father's Day oblivious and yet holding a crumb of disappointment in my heart for not being able to say to anyone "Happy Father's Day, Dad."
     Two years ago I found out where my father lives in Tennessee.  I swing through a litany of Anglo-Saxonisms (which at this moment I struggle not to type them out) all the way over to prayers and offering him (mentally, anyway) forgiveness…

My latest book review

Even though my name is misspelled in the byline I'm loading this link to my review to what was/is a life-changing book for me.  Support Flourish, too!

Update 6-8-11: The byline fiasco is over.  All is right with the world.