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Rhonwyn's Closet

Given that I'll probably not be published anytime soon and that I'm going to read this in my daughter's class tomorrow--I'm publishing this here and now.  Critiques are most welcome.

Rhonwyn’s Closet
Can you keep a secret?You’ve got to promise not to tell anyone.OK, here, look in my closet.Creepy, huh?Well, it all started when…
“Rhonwyn, have you cleaned up after Jasper yet?” my mommy asked me. “Of course, Mommy.” “Really?”Her left eyebrow always looked bent like a caterpillar when she didn’t believe me. “Yes, the yard doesn’t even look like a dog lives there.Except for the dog house with the red roof.” “All right,” she smiled, “Go on and play.” I ran up to my bedroom.The truth was I hadn’t picked up after Jasper.I didn’t want to do it then, I’d do it later. So I opened my closet and reached up to get a game off of the top shelf when something hard fell on my head.“Ouch!” I cried.I looked down and picked up a long white object.The thing looked strangely familiar—I was holding a…

Worth Quoting

From Beyond the Shattered Image:
In the Greek Father's view, however, the image of God in humanity lay in its specific value of freedom.  The human person must be associated with, and not dissociated from, the created world; for, it is through the human person that the created world must be transformed and offered to God.  And so the world is freed from its natural limitations and becomes a bearer of life.                                                                                       --John Chryssavgis

Spring Scouting Report

Officially, spring is about 24 hours away, but unofficially she's arrived.  Today at the hollow I was serenaded by a lone sandhill crane, a lone red-winged blackbird, and not a few wood frogs beckoning longer days (and mates to boot).  I even spied a lone housefly.  A lovely 51 degree day.  This should be a fecund season.