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Worth Quoting

From Wendell Berry's 1993 Sex, Economy, Freedom & Community:
On the problem of current economic system--  But we must begin by giving up any idea that we can bring about these healings without fundamental changes in the way we think and live.  We face a choice that is starkly simple: we must change or be changed.  If we fail to change for the better, then we will be changed for the worse.  We cannot blunder our way into health by the same sad and foolish hopes by which we have blundered into disease.  We must see that the standardless aims of industrial communism and industrial capitalism equally have failed.  The aims of productivity, profitability, efficiency, limitless growth, limitless wealth, limitless power, limitless mechanization and automation can enrich and empower the few (for a while), but they will sooner or later ruin us all.  The gross national product and the corporate bottom line are utterly meaningless as measures of the prosperity or health of the country.--&…