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Hardly more subtantial than a shadow

I had looked forward to reading Ron Hansen's The Shadowmaker as I've enjoyed two of his novels. This short book was different though, it was written for children. It concerns a short man who arrives in town "where nearly everyone was happy." He soon finds a way to sell something to a people who "have everything" and are completely happy. Hmmm...seems interesting doesn't it. Shades of the Faustian bargain, Needful Things or Melville's Confidence Man. And it is good--until about halfway through. Two orphans take over the business of the shadowmaker, who has convinced the townspeople to buy new shadows for themselves. There isn't much menace to the children, there isn't a comeuppance for the gullible townsfolk, and the Shadowmaker essentially franchises out his shadow business to the brother and sister into a repair shop for shadows. I wonder if Hansen thought the book was taking too dark a turn and decided to open the curtains. Whate…

Narcissism and publishing

The two go hand in hand don't they? If you're not already sick of this piece (because it was first posted by me on FaceBook) here it is again:

For some reason I can't make this link "live."

Climate Kookery

In pulling up a dandelion next to my back cement steps yesterday, I uncovered a healthy-sized june bug in all its chestnut-colored glory. A june bug, I say, in MAY! This does not bode well.