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Quotidian Blessings

I am thankful for the unexpected single occupancy room at the conference I attended last month.  The occasional fuller-than-expected gas tank is also an ordinary blessing.  The flash of a hawk across my line of sight is again ordinarily extraordinary.  I thank you, God.  I'm also thankful that the brine last night made the turkey succulently delicious, that the dressing wasn't dry like I had anticipated, that the cranberry sauce wasn't too tart, that the stuffed pumpkin hasn't failed me yet, and that the last bite of the slice of pumpkin pie made the previous lackluster bites worth it.  Additionally, I'm thankful for an exuberant parade with children and a father-in-law who enjoyed themselves.  Thanks for firewood, Steve Martin, John Candy, and electricity.  You continue to shatter my obtuseness, Lord.  Glory be to the Father, the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, now and ever.

Where is this guy (or gal)?

Only two more days until the phone calls, radio and TV ads, and flyers in the mail quit.  In so many ways I cry "A plague on both your houses."  I'm sure you're feeling fatigue from Election 2012: The MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION EVER IN THE HISTORY OF THE U.S. as I am.  I'm also tired of finding 30% of what I like in candidate A and 31% in candidate B, politically speaking.  Here's what my ideal candidate for president would look like:
Someone who knows the Constitutional limits of the presidency and would respect them enough to rescind all the crap built up by his (or her) predecessors.Someone consistently pro-life who would encourage Americans to respect life prior to birth until natural death (including the encouragement to end the death penalty)Someone who thinks that patriotism and a bellicose foreign policy are antitheticalSomeone who thinks the federal government needs to learn about subsidiarity (see the first bullet as well)Someone who doesn't think b…