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Artwork by an atheist we can all support.

My Vote this Fall

Whether it's a war on the consciences of Americans or on swarthy peoples overseas, this is probably our fate:

Civic Rights

I noticed on an Fb post today (and I've heard it in the past as well) the notion that if one doesn't vote, one doesn't have the right to "bitch."  I have to take exception with that.  I think voting is probably the easiest and least costly civic duty we Americans have.  In fact, given our political class, I think too many of the wrong people are voting.  Too many demagogues and not enough statesmen.  I don't think you have much of a right to complain when all you did was show up at a school or a church and spend five to ten minutes filling out some form.  How does that entitle you to bitch?
If you really want to earn your "bitching" rights then perhaps you should start by serving some time on a committee or board in your community.  Maybe you could participate in a park or natural area clean-up once or ten times in a lifetime.  Volunteer at a school or nursing home nearby.  Get to know your neighbors beyond BBQ and beer.  Find a way to solve a probl…

Another Venue

My dear 63 readers (how many of you are regulars?),
     I am not abandoning this blog, but I have created a new one here.  This new blog will concentrate more on ecology, which I have dealt with on IAnH, but now exclusively so.  Now you have two options to read me.  Please comment.