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Questions for the Master

I attended the "Ultimate Fishing Show" today (curiously, it won't be the last) in Novi, Michigan.  Pro angler Kevin Vandam was there to share his insights and answer questions from the audience.  I had no interest in hearing his presentation, but if I did go here are some questions I thought I'd ask:
(Think Carl from Caddyshack while reading these)
Kevin, I've killed a few men in my lifetime and sometimes used the corpses' fingers for bait.  Do you see anything creepy about eating fish caught with those fingers?Kevin, I've got a cat problem.  So I caught five of them one day, put them in a bag, attached a couple of rocks to the bag and dumped the bag overboard when I went out on the lake fishing.  I don't have a question, I'd just wanted to share.Kevin, the wife and I are having some trouble in the bedroom.  Do you have any tips to spice things up?Kevin, I like to catch a lot of fish when I fish, so I like to dump a five gallon bucket of poison in…

Ar-teest or Man?

Robert Penn Warren on Milton:
His long probings into the theme, the arduous discipline of his studies, his observations of men and affairs, his service to a revolutionary state, were undertaken not for "literary" purposes, not to "gather material" or to achieve "a point of view," but to fulfill what he thought to be his duty to God, to society, and to himself, himself not as a poet, but as a man.  He conceived of himself--so one eminent scholar contends--as a "normal" person, as a person "representative," in the best sense, of society, not as an artist set off against society.  Being an artist was but one way of serving God.                                   from "Literature as a Symptom" in Who Owns America?