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The Completely Unsexy Adventures of Constructing a Driveway

Yesterday marked the third phase in our attempt to create a homestead at the Martin Hollow.  We now have a gravel driveway.  Does this mean wild bacchanalia there?  In a word: no.  It simply saves me about 400 feet in walking when I'm carrying various tools designed to destroy decontextualized organisms, e.g. autumn olive and garlic mustard.  It is also the beginning of our footprint on the land and it helps us to visualize where the house and garage will eventually be placed.

 The above are two views of the approach from our road which ends in a cul-de-sac (and a large pond just beyond that) to my right (north).
 Here's a closer view after the gravel has been added (above).

 This view is from the road facing south.  Notice the culvert next the shovel?  I told you this wouldn't be sexy.
  Just below is another view from the road looking northwest.  You can see the bobcat tractor in the distance.

 This (to the left) is further up the hill, heading west.  Our boundary is through…

Hail May!

...Hail bounteous May that dost inspire   Mirth and youth and warm desire!Woods and Groves are of thy dressing,Hill and Dale doth boast they blessing.Thus we salute thee with our early Song, And welcome thee, and wish thee long.                                       --John Milton: "Song on May Morning"