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Our Most Valuable Resource

I came across this formula the other day; you should try it too: take your age, multiply it by 365, subtract the product from 25,000.  Do you know what that number signifies?  That is approximately how much time you have remaining if you live in North America.  I was shocked to see my number in the 8,900 range.  While 8,900 days is rather abstract (it comes out to 24 years years and some change), it is strange to see your life expectancy spelled out in such a specific number.
     How much time have I wasted?  How much will I continue to waste?  Now, that number was simply a general outline; I could drop dead today--laid low by an aneurysm or killed in a car crash--or I could live to be 96, no one knows, but serves as a good reminder that no one, NO ONE lives forever this side of death.
     I've found myself less enchanted by video and computer games these days, notorious time suckers that they are, and yet I still find plenty of ways to sift out my hours in a less-th…